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Why foreigners invest in Malaysia Property Market?

In recent years, an increasing number of property investors have begun looking beyond their own shores for their property investment needs. So, which country should they consider? By judging the risks and expected return associated with their investments, countries on the boundary between developed and developing are often their main options and this is where this article is all about.

Malaysia has made huge strides in socioeconomic development over the past 4 decades, transformed itself from an underdeveloped country reliant on natural resources into a middle-income country with a vibrant manufacturing sector and now the Malaysian government has set targets and define some economic policies that will be implemented in the coming years, with the ultimate goal to make Malaysia a high income economy by 2020.

If you look at the ( was launched in April 2009. The research and available data at are not influenced by any governmental organization), Malaysia property prices are still among the cheapest in Southeast Asia with lowest property price to income ratio. This makes Malaysia property an attractive option to the foreigners who wish to diversify their wealth portfolio in an economic and political stable country.

Table 1 (Click to enlarge)

While the government is transforming the current developing country into developed country, economic performance should be enhance and thus, property market price would be positively influenced.

Of course, besides the current policies to enhance the economic performance, Malaysia has also its all-time strengths in making it an attractive destination to expatriates/foreigners. The elements are as below,

  1. Malaysia property is one of the cheapest property prices in Asia with stable growth amidst a resilient economy
  2. Property prices still growing despite worldwide slow economy, KLCC area price appreciation is between 5% to 10% for the last 2 years
  3. Low unemployment rate of less than 3% yearly with the inflation rate at average 3%
  4. Malaysia experience increasing visitor arrivals for 2015 – Top 10th Tourist Destination in the World
  5. Malaysia is known as a politically stable and peaceful country
  6. Malaysia is a multi-racial country consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous people. With this, comes a myriad of religion, festivals, food and customs.
  7. Malaysians are best known as friendly and hospitable people
  8. A place of peaceful living, Malaysia lies in a geographically stable region, relatively free from natural disasters such as volcanos, floods, tsunami and earthquakes
  9. Malaysia ranked No 1 in World Muslim Tourism 2014
  10. Malaysia ranked 20th on the Global Peace Index Report 2014
  11. Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia and the 3rd in Asia on the Global Peace Index Report 2013
  12. Malaysia ranked 24th on the Global Trade Enabled Economies 2012 by World Economic Forum
  13. Malaysia ranked 18th in 2014­ and 2015 Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum
  14. Malaysia is within the top 20%, ranked 16th in World Competitiveness 2012­, 2013 rated by the World Financial Forum
  15. Malaysia ranked 1st on Best Place to Retire by the Japanese in 2013
  16. Malaysia ranked 3rd Best Place to Retire by International Living Inc. in 2015 for it retirement residency MM2H program
  17. Malaysia ranked 18th Best Place to Migrate by the Americans
  18. World Investment Report revealed that Malaysia was the 3rd best for FDI in ASEAN, 4th best in Asia, and the top 10th in AT Kearney 2012 FDI Confidence Index
  19. Malaysia retained 3rd Best Global Services location ranking for 8 years in a row, revealed at Shared Serviced Outsourcing Conference 2012
  20. Malaysia’s literacy is high with over 93% Malaysia allows 100% foreign ownership in company in properties investment
  21. The cost of living in Malaysia is currently cheaper than in most Western countries, International Living placing it among the cheapest places to live in its global cost of living index.
  22. Many international students have discovered that studying in Malaysia is a “value-for-money” option as Malaysian education offers them: The affordable cost of quality tertiary education is one of many good reasons why international students choose Malaysia. For example, you can acquire a UK engineering degree (3 years) in Malaysia through a 3+0 franchised degree programme at an estimated RM51,000 (USD16,000), whereas the tuition fee of the same 3-year degree programme at the host university in the UK is about RM144,000 (USD45,000) or £30,000.
  23. Easy connectivity to other countries with well-developed infrastructure of airports, highways and seaports, even the road signs are in English
  24. Prince Court Medical Centre First On Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals For Medical Tourists™ for 2014 according to the Medical Travel Quality Alliance

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